Persia | 6 String Cocobolo/Snakewood

persiaccb1605Snakewood is a very beautiful and rare wood. The tonal qualities are rather unique. It is non porous but unlike maple or ebony does not sound bright or snappy.Instead it has a rather aggressive growl at the low end.

Add the snakewood neck to the warmth of brazilian rosewood fingerboard and the high output Dimarzio Evolution pickups, you have a perfect instrument for a rock/metal player looking to create a unique voice with the guitar.

This Persia 6 string guitar features a very rare antique stained flame alder body with a stunning cocobolo top.

Persia | 6 String Full Brazilian Rosewood

persia1609Brazilian rosewood is considered by many to be the king of all tonewoods. Rich sounds, plentiful detail and sustain in every note.

This 2016 persia model features a lightly oiled full brazilian rosewood neck with a beautifully stained swamp ash body surrounded by snakewood bindings. The fixed bridge used is the highly acclaimed Schaller Hannes. Frets/fingerboard are hand rolled for a smooth run up and down the neck.

The pickups deployed are Dimarzio Gravity Storm. This guitar is warm sounding but not muddy. The higher notes sound crisp and clear even in distortion mode. String action is mid low to cater for the shredder who likes to vary the aggression of pick attack to create a variety of sounds.


Bamiyan | 7 String Cocobolo/Macassar Ebony

bamiyan1606This 2016 Bamiyan 7 string model was built with the rock/metal player in mind. Macassar ebony neck was chosen as the neck shaft with stability and resonance as top priorities. The neck also features a very beautiful exhibition grade snakewood fingerboard. Sound wise , the high notes screams clear and crisp  while the low end is deep and heavy.

The pickups installed are Seymour Duncan Sentient and Nazgul. Bridge used is Original Floyd Rose.

Persia | 6 String African Blackwood/Ebony

blackwoodartisticThis Persia model features my favourite neck combination i.e. pernambuco fingerboard on an ebony neck shaft. There’s plenty of sustain and richness in every note. The bass is ballsy while the high notes screams clear and feel like they are bouncing off the fingerboard.

In short this is a very responsive guitar designed for the blues/rock player.