Essence of time
I am a boutique guitar maker and also a collector the world’s finest woods. I build for collectors and artists but seldom retail. Woods (even when considered dry) will move after getting sawn . It’s a question of how much they move. Grains/color will change as a result of oxidation. I carefully select my woods , observe them after milling and sanding . Only the best ones are used for making my guitars. A piece of wood is typically milled, sanded then observed for 6-12 months before making it into an instrument.

Custom I do not feel comfortable taking money up front for custom builds as there will be no continuity to my work in case of my absence. Also its time consuming and difficult to sourcing for specific (good) timber in a short period of time My latest creations are sometimes available for all. You can follow my latest builds, work in progress in my new facebook , instagram page. If you see something you like, let me know and we can work from there.