persia1609The Deal With Handcrafted Instruments 

An instrument when crafted and further refined by an experienced craftsman imparts a natural beauty to the particular instrument that is generally not available in a factory setup. The moon, the sun and the stars are not perfectly round. Nature itself doesn’t not have a perfect geometrical shape. It is ill-advised to call a computer aided drawing of nature a work of art. However, people generally appreciate the imperfections of a painting of nature done by a skilled painter.

There are parts of the electric guitars that’s best done with the aid of machines . e.g thicknessing of the guitar necks and bodies to achieve the requisite dimensions . There are also stuff that’s best done by hand e.g. the rolling of the frets and the edges of the fingerboards to create a smooth buttery feel or the shaping of the guitar body to create a pleasing natural look for the discerning eyes. An instrument that takes care of acceptable precision and natural beauty is for keeps.