Advantages of using a Cuffed Nut

The guitar nuts used in my guitars are all cuffed and made of buffalo thigh bone.  I do not cut the slots for the strings but instead i drill very tiny precise holes in a radial fashion in the nut and then shape the nut to the requisite heights to create a good action for the guitar. It is a very tedious and time consuming process to do build nuts this way and equally tedious to setup the guitar using cuffed nuts . However, there are several advantages of cuffed nuts.


  • Cuffed nuts works well with floating tremolos . There is no fear that the strings will pop out of the slots when diving a whammy bar .
  • Bone is the material of choice for guitar nuts in many high end guitars . It imparts a nice, crisp sound to the strings when picked. A Cuffed bone nut with a floyd rose tremolo is a formidable combination.
  • open string mutings. Cuffed nuts mutes the open strings in the same fashion as those aftermarket gadgets which wrap around the lower end of the neck.backgrd3