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Cuffed Bone Nut
Cuffed Bone For Tone, Because a hole is a better fit
Ming Guitars
Bamiyan | Persia | Dynasty


Cuffed Bone Nut



My name is Ming. I design and build electric guitars for the pop, rock, blues, metal player. My approach to electric guitar building is simple . The guitar has to look uniquely beautiful and it has to be responsive to the touches of the guitar player. To achieve this, the materials employed are mostly rare exotic woods or very patterned/ highly figured traditional tonewoods. On top of these woods an antique/aged finish is added to make them look natural and visually appealing.

Guitar Design and Cuffed Nuts

I design my own guitar bodies and necks. The Bamiyan and Persia designs are my current ideas. The necks and bodies are interchangeable while the nuts for the guitar neck are original. These are Cuffed Nuts. The material used is buffalo thigh bone . It adds purity to the tone and prevents the strings from dislodging as a result of diving the whammy bar. These nuts will work with floating bridges such as the Floyd Rose or any of the fixed bridges in the market.

Ming .